Author: holyok

Approach to Early Childhood Literacy

September 7, 2018

All around the world, mothers (and fathers!) of all cultures and backgrounds can relate to this unfolding scene. Children who are exposed to early literacy activities, including rich language, storybook reading, and exploration in writing, often have a head start and these “emergent literacy” events can have a profound impact on later development. Emergent literacy […]

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Time to Assess Your Education Career

August 10, 2018

It’s a familiar feeling—the bell rings and the students run out into the summer sun. It’s summer break! Time to celebrate. It may also feel like a natural time to reassess your teaching career. A couple of refresher courses may be in order, or possibly even a decision to go after your master’s degree. Regardless […]

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Helping Others as a Human

July 13, 2018

When it comes to working for a nonprofit, I think that it is very important to take time and research the organization you are considering. Start by performing Google searches, talking to current and past employees, taking a tour of the organization, and even spending time volunteering for it if those opportunities are available. Not […]

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Opportunities in Human Services

June 10, 2018

You have been working diligently towards your bachelor’s degree, juggling many responsibilities and probably doing more than you ever thought possible. With each course that you have completed, you have become more confident in your skills and excited about your graduation and entry into the workforce. You have also probably found yourself daydreaming about what […]

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