Online Education

The Online College Student’s Guide

January 4, 2019

Online colleges are similar to campus-based colleges: There are student fees, financial aid, class registration, lectures, syllabuses, discussions, assignments, and exams. The difference is that everything takes place online, so you can participate virtually anywhere, as long as you have a computer (or mobile device) and internet access. Two important things to consider as you […]

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Learning Math Online

December 10, 2018

I have been teaching math for several years in an online format. Whenever I share with people that I teach math online, they say they could never take a math course online, often questioning whether or not a student can be successful. The quick answer is, “Yes!” There are many great supports in online learning […]

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Helping Students Avoid Plagiarism

November 5, 2018

While academics are clearly aware of the need to give appropriate credit when using sources, many of our students are much less aware of the rules regarding when and how to cite. Certainly, the Internet has blurred the perception of “intellectual property” to the point that many students may think of anything on the web […]

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